start-up-coaching – step by step to your own business

You want to make your own business? Then the following should apply to you:
•  I am full of power and energy.
•  I am self-driven and self-motivated?
•  I do not let myself be demotivated by small setbacks.
•  I am confident and have a thick skin.
•  I approach people positively and I am outgoing.
•  I like to make decisions.
•  I have the necessary financial background to go through the first time.
•  I have the necessary know-how or am ready to learn.
•  I know my weaknesses and am willing to access external knowledge in these areas or to further my education.
•  I have excellent social skills and would like to work with employees in my company.

Your business idea does not need to be innovative. For example, opening a bakery is not necessarily innovative. However, the offered products can have an innovative character in order to stand out from the competition. There are also many areas of service that are mainly due to the ever increasing life expectancy and increased prosperity.

Unemployment may also provide opportunities for career reorientation and, above all, an opportunity to take a look into the possible future as an entrepreneur. Maybe there are one or even several possibilities that you have not yet perceived yourself

Various advisory programs and funding facilitate the start of self-employment a bit. However, one thing is absolutely clear: Self-employment is not a professional hammock and does not guarantee a high income.

To ensure that your step is accompanied by success, a team of consultants is at your disposal to assist you in all decisions and take care of all your needs so that you can concentrate on your business. Your business success should not stand in the way of bureaucracy.


From the idea to success

Your idea, your product, your service is so extraordinary and wonderful that you are convinced everyone wants it? Thus, the signs for your future business success are already quite good. Of course, the idea alone is not enough: you also have to find a market (customers).

Therefore, consider the following:

•  Who has an advantage from my product?
•  Who would I like to address?
•  Which location is most suitable for marketing?
•  What price will the customer pay for this?
•  How do I find my customers or how do my customers find me?
•  How will the sales opportunities develop in the future?
•  Can I expand my offer?
•  Are there any competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
•  Why should the customer just buy from me?
•  How can I lead my business customer-oriented?br>
•  What about my capital requirement?
•  Which legal form is the best for me and my company?
•  Which business license do I need for this?
•  Which requirements do I have to fulfill for this?
•  Do I need an operating license?


You would like to take over a business?

•  Which possibilities of the takeover are there?
•  What should be considered during the takeover?
•  Which tax considerations should be considered?


Call us and let us work together to find your way to entrepreneurial success.