Payroll Accounting



•  monthly preparation of payslips
•  electronic transfer of payslips
•  clocking on and of
•  monthly and annual reports to authorities
•  payment transfers
•  accounting slip
•  absence management
•  if necessary cost accounting details
•  personnel provisions
•  consulting in all details of payroll accounting
•  optimization of personnel-costs

Your Benefit:

•  no need in payroll-software
•  no costs for training in payroll
•  fix package for budgeting
•  no risk in personnel fluctuation
•  access to more than 30 years experience

Your Models for Optimization:

You define the cost of your payroll-accounting. Select between different models.

In many case it is possible to import data from your timemanagement-software. In this case, costs can furtherly be optimized:

Modell A:

fix tarif for each employee and each detail

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Modell B:

fixed lump sum for each employee and month including all details

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Modell C:

in addition to modell C consulting services are included

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Call now and let us check together wich model is the best for you and your company.