Financial Statement

Financial and Income Statement – Tax Declaration:

At the beginning of every year it is necessary to close the year before and finaly produce the tax declaration. Entrepreneurs often do not think about it during the hole year and so they can not optimize their tax-payment with some investments to be done at the end of the tax period.

Therefore it is important to take a look at the business-situation before the year is over to realize some benefits. This forecast should be done latest in november, better in october.

Small companies (accounting on cash basis) often can easily optimize their tax situation. It is only important to check the status in time

Your Benefit:

Based on the current accounting and your expectations at the end of the year, a forecast calculation can be made. As a result, surprises can be avoided and, for example, additional tax-payments or costs for social security can be scheduled.

Your Models for Optimization:

The annual financial statements, the balance sheet and the tax declaration can be optimized in the same way as the accounting department itself. Which variant is used depends not only on the size of the company but also on the legal status (sole proprietorship, partnership, GmbH …- more on this under foundation).
However, it is important in all cases: the more neat my bookkeeping is conducted during the year, the less effort is required at the end of the year. How else would it be possible in large corporations to finish the balance sheet of the previous year on January 5 ?

Your possibilities for optimization:

Just as with the accounting, you determine the costs for the annual financial statements themselves: The chaotic laundry basket variant is also more costly here than the sorted document transfer or the defined interface.

Call now and work together to determine how your financial statements will be optimized so that you get the most out of them.