On the one side cost for accounting belong to the legal status of the company and on the other side it also belongs to the branch and size.


Your Benefit:

Accounting is regarded by some as a necessary evil without recognizing its own benefit. In addition to the recording of all supporting documents and the determination of the value added tax (VAT), the accounting department also offers a lot of business support.

The management of receivables (overview of open invoices) allows a proper dunning process and thus makes an important contribution to improving the solvency (liquidity) of a company.

Ongoing profit and loss statements (comparison of earnings and costs / expenses / expenditures) make it possible to consider necessary improvement measures in good time.

Another advantage of proper bookkeeping is that if you have a need for financing with banks, you are clearly more professional and therefore more trustworthy. No one likes to borrow money to a chaotic person.


Your Possibilities:

In many cases, the costs for bookkeeping can be kept very small: the basic flat rate in income tax allows accounting on cash basis to calculate spending at a percentage of sales. It is unnecessary in such cases, to collect evidence about office supplies and the like or to keep a driver’s logbook.

Whether this is cheaper for you than to set the actual expenses, must be considered in each case individually and decided. However, it is important: once you change from the lump sum to the balance-method, you are locked for five years for the lump sum.


Your Models for Optimization:

You can influence the costs of accounting yourself. If you bring your receipts in a laundry basket completely unsorted, the costs will be much higher than if you sort them nicely by document type and deliver them by date in ascending order in a folder.

You can go even cheaper if you manage your bookkeeping yourself with an easy-to-use program and your accountant intervenes only supportively via an interface.

With the last variant you also have the advantage that with the appropriate programs you can still use additional benefits for yourself and your company’s success.

You can also use good programs to create offeres, delivery notes, and invoices, and immediately integrate a simple CRM system that allows you to manage your customer contacts.


Call now and let us create your accounting process together so that you get the most benefit out of it.